• Use a square piece of paper.   
  • It should be medium weight so it holds shape and is not too stiff to fold.  
  • Origami paper, gift wrap, magazine pages, etc.   
  • I typically use a 6 X 6 square. ‚Äč
  • Making good creases is important.

If you have questions or need help - use the WISHES tab to contact me. 

  1. Fold corner to corner with finish facing inside - making a crease. Open.
  2. Rotate.  Fold opposite corner to corner - make a crease.  Open
  3. Fold edge to center line to form a triangle. Crease.  Repeat with opposite edge.  It should look like an ice cream cone. 
  4. Open and repeat in opposite direction. Crease. 
  5. Bring the bottoms of both ice cream cones together.
  6. Press the  two "ears" upwards, so the piece looks like a kite. 
  7. Fold bottom point up to 'V" in kite.  Crease.  Open seam and tuck point inside.
  8. Fold bottom corners along middle seam. 
  9. Fold top "ear" points down on an angle to make a deep "V" in the top of the heart.  Crease. 
  10. Open each "ear" and reverse fold on the crease, tucking the ears inside the heart. 
  11. To round edges; make a fold on the points and tuck points along folds on top and side points back into the heart. 

 Folding Diagram

Folding Instructions

Origami Hearts